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Dietpi – x86_64–Anleitung

Datum: 24. Nov / 2018

Method 2: UEFI x86_64 image:

Step 1: Download Rufus and DietPi
Step 2: Use Rufus to write the ISO | @sal666 Clonezilla installer
  • Run Rufus
  • Under Partition scheme, select GPT partition scheme for UEFI
  • Select the DietPi .iso image
  • Click start to write the DietPi image
Step 3: Install DietPi image onto device
  • Power on the device with USB pen drive attached
  • Enter BIOS and select USB pen drive as the 1st boot device, then save and exit BIOS.
    — Select "Install DietPi mmcblk0" (if you have an onboard EMMC chip)
    — Select "Install DietPi sda" (to install on the 1st HDD as detected by BIOS/clonezilla, unfortunately, we have no way of providing this info on screen, use with caution)
    Please note, this will overwrite and replace any OS installed on the target device.
  • Once completed, the system will power off.
  • Unplug the USB drive, and power on system.

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