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Argus TV 2.3 Server für Kodi

Datum: 8. Nov / 2018


NOTE 1: If you intend to use the built-in ARGUS TV Recorder, and MediaPortal TV Server is installed on the same machine, make sure you stop and disable the TVService windows service so your cards are actually free to be used by ARGUS. Or uninstall MediaPortal TV Server.
NOTE 2: If you intend to use MediaPortal TV server as client or recorder it is recommended to use the final 1.10.0 release!
!! Please read the installation manual as it contains IMPORTANT information you need to read before you start installing !!

ARGUS TV 2.3.zip
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ArgusTV.Batch.ProcessCommand 2.3.zip
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Here is the list of implemented changes since 2.2.2:

  • Too many internal changes to even begin to sum them up ;)
  • Notifier: now always connects over https and will show balloons even when you are remotely connected.
  • Scheduler: will use Wake-On-LAN on Recorders if they are on a different machine.
  • Scheduler: enhanced CalculateUpcomingRecordings to better handle the case of a recorder being disconnected.
  • Scheduler: console will now auto-refresh live streams, active recordings and upcoming programs.
  • Recorder: a DiSEqC command that fails to be sent after tuning will be resent now when the graph has entered running state (this fixes certain BlackGold and Pinnacle cards).
  • MediaPortal: added support for 1.7.x, 1.8, 1.9 and 1.10 FINAL
  • Updated Schedules Direct importer code in the Guide Importer.
  • Updated Scheduler, Recorder and installer icon to a more "modern" look.
  • Updated Ultidev WebServer Pro to

ARGUS TV Recorder DVB-C/S/T and ATSC card support:

  • TBS: CAM, DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • Digital Everywhere (FireDTV): CAM, DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • Digital Devices: CAM, DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • TechnoTrend: CAM, DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • TeVii: DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • Twinhan: DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • KNC: DiSEqC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • Hauppage: DiSEqC, ATSC and DVB-S2 tuning
  • HDHomeRun: ATSC tuning
  • Certain generic cards: DiSEqC and ATSC tuning

For those interested in the technical side of things, internally a lot has changed since version 2.2.x. The master plan is to make ARGUS TV more cross-platform compatible, and this version takes the first (huge) step to accomplish this. What you will test represents many months of refactoring work.
As preparation a lot of internal code simplification was done, striving for even more of the KISS principle in the code-base.
The ARGUS TV Recorder was refactored to switch from SQL-CE (Microsoft SQL Compact Edition — proprietary) to SQLite(http://www.sqlite.org/ — open source and cross-platform). To do this the recorder’s internal database code was entirely rewritten from using Microsoft LINQ to using NPoco (https://github.com/schotime/NPoco), a very light-weight ORM which is open source and compatible with Mono.
All internal communication in the Scheduler, Recorder, etc… has been switched from WCF (Microsoft’s Windows Communication Foundation — proprietary) to REST (HTTP based — cross-platform standard) using NancyFx (open source and compatible with Mono).
The old .NET api dlls are now obsolete, but a new ArgusTV.ServiceProxy.dll has been written to replace them, offering a very easy way to talk to the ARGUS TV api over REST. This new DLL is 95% compatible with the old .NET api so it’s pretty easy to adjust your code and recompile it for this new version. The source code for this proxy and other parts of the 2.3 code can be found on GitHub in a special branch: https://github.com/ARGUS-TV/ARGUS-TV/tree/wip/2.3 — until this is merged into the master branch at a later date.
The proxy is also available on Nuget: https://www.nuget.org/packages/ArgusTV.SchedulerProxy/
When you install this the installation process will automatically convert your Recorder’s .sdf database into SQLite format. So the whole installation process should basically be smooth sailing.
For the time being the old Recorder config will not be deleted yet (just deactivated) and the old Recorder database in .sdf format will remain on disk, so in case of trouble it’s fairly easy to switch back to version 2.2.2.

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Die folgenden Grundvorraussetzungen für den Betrieb von ARGUS TV müssen erfüllt sein:

– MS-SQL-Server oder MySQL-Server
– minimum eine TV-Karte (zwingend BDA-Treiber erforderlich!)

Wir empfehlen MS-SQL als Datenbank, auch wenn diese mehr Ressourcen benötigt als MySQL. Auf einem ehr "schwächerem" System kann die Nutzung von MySQL die Systemlast reduzieren und eine flüssigere Nutzung gewährleisten. Die Performance mit MS-SQL ist derzeit jedoch signifikant besser als unter Nutzung von MySQL.

Bei einer ICN WIKI INLINE.PNGMultiSeat-Installation genügt selbstverständlich, analog einer ICN WIKI INLINE.PNGSingle-Seat-Installation eine zentrale Datenbank-Instanz und eine TV-Karte. Eine ICN WIKI INLINE.PNGMulti-Seat-Installation hebt sich gegenüber einer ICN WIKI INLINE.PNGSingle-Seat-Installation ab, da so mehrere Client’s (MediaPortal, WMC, XBMC u.a.) durch einen Server bedient werden können (Server und Client(s) sind unterschiedliche Endgeräte (PC’s, Tablets, Smartphones), wobei der Server auch gleichzeitg Client sein kann). Konfiguration und die korrekte Komponentenauswahl bedürfen, in einer ICN WIKI INLINE.PNGMulti-Seat-Installation, natürlich einigen tiefergreifenden Überlegungen gegenüber einer ICN WIKI INLINE.PNGSingle-Seat-Installation. Das ARGUS TV-Setup unterstützt Sie aber hier von Anfang an, um die korrekten Komponenten zu installieren. Sollten Sie unsicher sein, fragen Sie bitte im ICN FORUM INLINE.PNGForum. Bitte spezifizieren Sie Ihr Vorhaben so genau wie möglich, damit wir umgehend valide Tipps oder Hilfe anbieten können.
Der ARGUS TV Scheduler Service benötigt Vollzugriff auf die Datenbank. Auf Rechnern, die eine TV-Karte zur Verfügung stellen sollen, wird entweder der MediaPortal-TVServer (TVE3) oder ARGUS TV Recorder vorrausgesetzt.

Die einfachste Installation ist die ICN WIKI INLINE.PNGSingle-Seat-Installation, bei der alle Hard- & Software-Komponenten auf einem physischen PC installiert sind.

MS-SQL Server (Express) 2005, 2008 oder 2012 Installation

Bitte besuchen Sie folgende Quellen für gute und deutschsprachige Installationsanleitungen:


German Guide to prepare a Windoes Home Server 2011 for ARGUS TV



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Re: ARGUS TV 2.3

Post by dot-i » Sat Dec 27, 2014 10:02 pm

This is the .NET API documentation for version 2.3, which also contains valid information for the REST api in fact (since they are very similar):

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The binaries are available on NuGet: https://www.nuget.org/packages/ArgusTV.SchedulerProxy
Once installed, the REST api documentation is also available live on your system:
Replace localhost with the name or IP address of your ARGUS TV server if needed.

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