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Allez ! mes amis francaises

Datum: 5. Dez / 2018

The Gilets Jaunes protesters made this announcement today…

„We address the population, it’s calm before the storm! Make provisions, gas / diesel, stock up on food and medicine! We will block everything from December 10 !!! We will stop when we ask will be really set up !!! Enough to take us for stupid! We want to live and not survive !!! Join us on December 10th !! No school, no administration! Open !! No shop !! We will block access to the airport and the exits! supermarkets! The offices !! The Srpp !! We warn the population !!! Join us at the various dams or stay home! We, GJ, are non-violent and do not want beautiful words but acts! 10 DECEMBER ALL TOGETHER !!!!“

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